Thyra's Sanctuary was founded in 2014 by Lisa Ericson. Since then, it has become an advocate for holistic treatments and for the prevention the unnecessary of unnecessary pet euthanasia.

Different Types of Nutritious Pet Foods
All pets at the Sanctuary see Dr. Diane Delmain, who is board certified in feline veterinary medicine. Cats with special medical issues see Dr. Michael Wright, DVM, founder of The Wright Pet Nutrition. The animals in his care have not responded well to traditional veterinary treatment, so Dr. Wright employs holistic treatments or alternative medicine. Dr. Wright's office promises "Safe, natural solutions for many health problems." To learn more about Dr. Wright, his practice, or his methods, visit his website by clicking here.

Dr. Wright's holistic methods mainly deal with treatment through proper nutrition. We believe this is the healthiest, most natural way to heal an ailing pet. Our pantry is well stocked with many types of cat food to serve the needs of every cat we house. Each cat receives a meal tailored to their specific nutritional needs.

Here at the Sanctuary, we believe that education is the best way to prevent unnecessary euthanasia and neglect. Some forms of euthanasia are safe, humane and necessary. However, we often hear of irresponsible owners needlessly euthanizing their animals simply because they cannot or no longer want to take care of them. We hope to treat this problem at its source by educating current and potential owners about the responsibilities of owning a pet, as well as providing advice and options to those who have to consider finding a new home for their furry friends.

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