Thomas was rescued from Tampa. Originally, he would not eat for his foster caregivers. Now he eats well and is working through fear issues from past abuse.

Diamond was originally put on a euthanasia list. A group of women on Facebook worked until 3 o'clock in the morning to rescue her and deliver her safely to us.

Ash came with his sister Minka from an animal shelter in North Carolina with a high kill rate. Ash is very affectionate and likes to headbutt people!

Elska was saved from euthanasia in a Georgia shelter. She was just a "full grown puppy" that needed some training and love. She is fascinated by cats.

Bongo is a 28-year-old African Gray parrot from Miami. She has been with the founder of the Sanctuary since she was a baby parrot!

Knight was found at 4 1/2 weeks old outside near a dumpster and couldn't move his left front leg. While in our care, Knight grew to 8 pounds and recovered full use of his leg.

Luka is a purebred cat who came to Thyra's Sanctuary from a breeder. He had many health conditions as a kitten and was very sick for several months, but is now healthy.

Mama came from a shelter in South Carolina that gets very few adoptions. A local rescue arranged for her to fly first class to Florida with a volunteer flight attendant, who brought her to us.

Minka came to Thyra’s Sanctuary from a shelter in North Carolina that has a high kill rate. She is often sweet and affectionate, but can also be a diva!

Oscar was going to move to Canada, but his flight was postponed due to an infection. He recovered here and the vet said he shouldn't live in the cold, so now he lives here.

Sammy was part of a feral colony of cats in a dangerous, high-traffic area of Kissimmee. Sammy was not feral himself, but had contracted feline AIDS and feline Leukemia.

Sarita was turned over to Animal Services because her owner had lost her job and her home. She is very old but also very energetic and active!

Sebring was found by Thyra's Sanctuary employees in an impound kennel. He is FIV positive and has acted as a father figure for Knight, one of our other rescued cats.

Simi came from a nearby county as a young female that had probably already mothered a litter of kittens. She acts as a mother to all the other cats and grooms them regularly.

Sonia came from a litter of 9 puppies born to a stray. They were all rescued by an animal hospital in Alabama. Sonia was sent to us by New Beginnings Animal Rescue.

Star was given as a Christmas gift to an elderly woman who passed away a few months after. The widower took her to animal control and she was rescued by Thyra's Sanctuary.

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